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EPoS & Retail Management Reinvented

RetailStore’s one platform, cloud approach is designed for the challenges you face in today’s ever-changing retail landscape

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EPoS & Retail Management Reinvented

RetailStore’s one platform, cloud approach is designed for the challenges you face in today’s ever-changing retail landscape

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The Smarter Way To Drive Revenue, Maximise Profit & Achieve Simplicity

If you are struggling with multiple retail systems or find your EPoS and retail software just can’t quite do what you would like, RetailStore could be the ideal solution to make your life easier, reduce your IT stress, keep your customers happy and make your business more profitable.

Whether you have a few shops, a multi-store with ecommerce, a single outlet or a national brand with multiple shops and channels, today’s retail world is more complex, has tougher profit margins, is harder to manage and craves an omni-channel customer experience.

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That’s why we’ve developed RetailStore

EPoS and Retail Management Solutions

A fully integrated one platform cloud retail management solution that streamlines all your sales, stock, delivery and management information in real time, at any point and at any location for maximum efficiency to drive sales and increase profit.

Established in 2001, we are the pioneer of cloud-based EPoS and retail management. Trusted by leading brands, charities and over 700 retailers, our multi-channel retail system RetailStore gives you everything you need, when you need it, with an array of value added extras and extensive reporting to help you maximise profit, sell more and save you time.

  • Substantially reduces stock holding to free up your cash flow
  • Improves customer loyalty and price optimisation to increase sales
  • 100% live, accurate and accessible sales and business information anytime from any location
  • Intelligent information reporting for improved business performance
  • Virtual Head Office creating a Head Quarters and central information hub accessible from anywhere through the cloud

The new way forward in EPoS & Retail Management

Re-thinking EPoS and retail management software is essential for profit survival, customer satisfaction and effective management of multiple revenue streams and closing profit gaps in the new and competitive retail landscape.

Unlike traditional EPoS, RetailStore is a totally integrated cloud-based retail management system, developed specifically for the pressures and complications of the retail world we live in and the customers we serve.

We’ve made silos a thing of the past. We’ve transformed our customers into lean operations driven by a single platform that works around the clock to intelligently manage all your critical sales, stock and inventory information.

We’ve incorporated the best of breed promotion and loyalty technology, whilst developing modules to enable you to migrate into new channels easily and automate your product, price and stock information.

Whatever your size or shape, why not find out how RetailStore can help you manage less and profit more?

RetailStore Express offers independent retailers the technology and intelligence previously the domain of the big brands through a suite of highly functional, easy to adopt solutions with an unrivalled return on investment promise.

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RetailStore Extra is our enterprise portfolio that brings together over fifteen years of experience in cloud retail management software. Through our unique one platform one solution approach, we bring together everything you need to run your operation with maximum efficiency and profitability.

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“RetailStore is cloud based so we don’t need any servers, we don’t run data back-ups nor do we need to manage upgrades. We don’t touch the software we just use it to manage our business and keep our overheads low.”

– Daniel Buck, Managing Director, Daniel Footwear –

“Linking a website to the back office was one of the main reasons we switched to RetailStore, we were suffering from online orders going missing, or not getting actioned upon straight away. With RetailStore we now get online orders as they happen.”

– Lorraine and Darren, Owners, Subvert –

“With RetailStore we can offer centralised, regional and individual promotions. It’s incredibly easy to use and as RetailStore is cloud based we don’t have to wait overnight for the shops to download the promotion, they go live immediately.”

– Jason Cook, Head of IT, Neal’s Yard Remedies –

“I wanted a bullet proof system. It is now more than just stock control. It is about being able to use it no matter where you are. RetailStore gives us all this and much more, whether it’s the mobility, the workshop module, forecasting and so on.”

– Dave Parsons, Purchasing and Equipment Manager, Great British Cycling –

“It has really helped out business in so many ways and best of all we have been able to reduce stock holding by around 10%”

– Grays –

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