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Top 10 quirky British retail facts

Top 10 trivial UK shopping facts With the Christmas rush over, we take a light hearted look at Britain’s quirky spending habits, eccentric shopping purchases and indulgent buys, and find out interesting facts about Britain’s retail landmarks. 1          Marmite mania...

Frenzied Friday, the Battle For Delivery Speed, Convenience and Cost. What it Means for UK retail fulfilment, warehousing and inventory

This Christmas has seen a massive marketing push for fast delivery as the deadline of the 25th December approaches. Turn on the radio, go online or open your email and no doubt you’ve heard Not On The High Street promise delivery for the 24th for all order placed by...

5 Things Retailers Can Do to Beat Online Giants. EPoS and Retail Management Software Rethought

Many small and medium sized UK retailers are searching for the right ideas and business models to compete against the online giants and a market saturated with an unhealthy amount of discounting. While it is easy to imagine why retailers think they need to compete on...

Omni-channel Retailing. Blurring boundaries, converging sectors and convenient choices. 5 things to consider in 2017.

What do retailers need to be considering in 2017 in terms of Omni-channel, retail system software, multi-channel expansion and EPoS? Innovation, experimentation and process efficiency are top of the agenda to deliver the convenience and profits we need. Cloud EPoS and retail management software could be the answer?

Top 7 Retention Strategies for Retail: The Role of Cloud EPoS

The merging of the physical and digital retail environment which is changing how we need to think about retention and engagement. What worked before is now a strain on resource and exiting IT systems and no longer effective when it come to retaining are customer relationships. Seven simple things every retail can do with the right system to to increase retention.

Fear, Fallacy and Fact: Post-Brexit Retail Sales Smash Doom and Gloom

UK Retail Sales increase by 5.9% in July compared to 2015 despite the feared impact of Brexit on UK consumer spend. The weak pound increased foreign sales and home sales remained strong despite the political climate and sporting events. Many retailers review their retail channel strategy to expand further into online sales which topped consumer spend increasing by 18.7% on last year.

EPoS System: 7 tips to choosing a solution in 2016

EPoS: Which system is right for you? 7 insights to help you sell more and manage less Your guide to the right answer 2016 What are you looking for? Choosing an EPoS system is a major investment for any independent retailer. The answer to which retail system is right...
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