Download retail reinvented market insights 2017

Download retail reinvented market insights 2017

Retail Reinvented: Market Insights 2017


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Retail Trends, Facts and Industry Opinions

Retail Reinvented: Market Insights 2017, delivers you a bang up to date industry trends, facts and opinions from industry leaders and retailers collated from a broad source of research sources covering:

Retail Reality 2017

  • Reshaping Retail:
    Hybrid retailing and new business models
  • Restructuring:
    Multi-channel retailing and what it really takes
  • Reconnecting the Customer:
    Up close and personal no matter where, when or what.
  • Mobile Matters:
    The age of the ‘Smart Shopper’
  • The Future of Fulfilment:
    The one hour challenge changing things forever
  • Intelligent Foundations:
    Importance of a real-time data core and business intelligence
  • British Brands and Manufacturing:
    Rise of the independent brands online market place
  • Pure E-commerce Players Hit the High Street:
    Physical brand engagement the missing link
  • The Future:
    What will 2020 and beyond look like?

Reshaping, Restructuring, Reconnecting

Retail has changed dramatically in the last ten years. The unprecedented speed of change is happening much faster than many of us realise. With online, instore and mobile retail merging into one and customers demanding levels of experiences like never before dreamt about, ecommerce and traditional retailers are being forced to rethink what they do and how they do it.

What are you rethinking?

In the new converged multi-channel retail world, deploying new, highly integrated and scalable IT retail management solutions and platforms is a must. Cloud technology has been a pivotal enabler in the new system architecture of today and tomorrow.

Whether you are a head of IT, Head of Retail Strategy, CEO, retailer owner or consultant, we believe this highly unique and forward thinking report will give you invaluable insight and food for thought for your strategy and planning for 2017 and beyond.

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