EPoS and Ecommerce for Fashion Retailers

Cybertill is used in hundreds of locations by fashion and accessory shops across the UK. Our EPoS and ecommerce system helps manage stock and sales both in-store and online. It is geared up to meet the specific needs of fashion retailers.

Forward Ordering

Many fashion retailers forward order the bulk of their season’s stock. But without the insight of a good EPoS system it becomes very difficult to accurately forecast sales of product lines, let alone the size and colour elements as well. And if it is not done accurately then there is a real danger of over ordering, which means you start sales early and erode your margins whilst more of your cash is unnecessarily tied up in stock.

The Science of Buying

With Cybertill you eradicate the guesswork and turn your forward ordering into an exact science, with a wide array of analytical tools you can see exactly what sold well and didn’t. There are also powerful forecasting tools that help you accurately forward order next season’s stock. Cybertill is cloud based so you can take it with you wherever you are. So when you are abroad buying, you can log on to Cybertill via your iPad, check historical sales, prices, run reports and keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Merchandise to Optimise Sales

Heroes, a fashion retailer, based in Kettering, use Cybertill’s EPoS system to manage its shops. They have been able to merchandise their stores more effectively by using Cybertill, as manager, Mark Regan highlights. “We can now be scientific in our merchandising as we know where the best position is for some brands and where they sell the best, some sell a lot better upstairs for example. We would not get that data accuracy and in the format we want without Cybertill’s EPoS system.” In addition to that they have also successfully been able to reduce their stock holding as well as personalise it for their different stores, as manager Mark Regan explains. “Cybertill’s EPoS system has allowed us to see regional differences between the three stores, so we get the buying right for each one and their respective core products, rather than simply triplicating our buying.”

Loyal Following

For fashion retailers getting loyal customers back through the door is incredibly important. Cybertill comes with a powerful loyalty engine that can be used in-store and online. Spirit Clothing, a ladies fashion retailer based in Wiltshire and Somerset, also use Cybertill and it has been instrumental in helping them with loyalty, as owner Rose Webster, explains. “Cybertill also helps us collect client details at point of sale, which allows us to manage our loyalty programme. What’s more with Cybertill we can see our customer’s history and this links to loyalty, and this has been vital in retaining a loyal client base.”

Fashionably Multi-Channel

Cybertill gives fashion retailers real time stock levels across their business so they never oversell online and customers can shop with confidence knowing products are in stock. Our web-based multi-channel retail system helps fashion retailers manage all sales channels seamlessly. And in turn retailers can offer customers a range of ways to buy and return goods, such as click and collect.

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