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EPoS and Ecommerce for Jewellers

Cybertill’s EPoS and ecommerce system enables jewellers to offer a seamless multi-channel service to their customers. It also comes with a variety of tools that are ideal for jewellers, including: Repairs, the ability to print jewellery labels, customer database, purchase ordering and more. There are many jewellers using Cybertill from single independents to the national chain F. Hinds, who has just signed with Cybertill.

Live Stock Management In-store and Online

Managing stock for jewellers is critical, having the right levels of stock not only eases cash flow but also allows you to track what stock you are selling. So managing and ordering stock is done on facts and figures rather than gut feel. One of the key benefits of Cybertill’s stock management is that all the figures are live. So no matter if you operate across several branches and online, when you check stock levels in another branch or online you know that they accurate, so no more missed sales opportunities.

Mobile PoS

Customer engagement in jewellery retail is vital. Mobile PoS helps jewellers develop a rapport with customers and makes the sales process more personal. By simply carrying an iPad with them staff are able to showcase all products, check stock levels, collect customer details, all without leaving their side. And in those really busy times it is simple to activate other iPads and queue bust in-store.

Size and Material Matrices for Rings and Jewellery

Cybertill can support matrix products, (those with different styles such as size, material type and so forth) this gives jewellers accurate and up to the minute stock visibility which can help reduce their stock holding levels and increase their cash flow. Cybertill also contains detailed technical descriptions at point of sale helping staff improve customer service and sales levels.

Customer Records

Cybertill’s CRM system allows you to keep accurate information and data regards your clients. You can see who has bought what and when, as well as allowing you to email your clients special offers and other e-mail marketing activities. Jewellers can also take advantage of the flexible loyalty programme in Cybertill. Effective loyalty programmes are a great way to increase client loyalty, basket size, repeat shopper frequency and your bottom line.

EPoS with a Workshop Management Facility

For many jewellers offering a repair service is seen as an essential element of retail. It can help increase loyalty and it is an additional revenue stream. However, managing the repairs that come in can be administrative headache. Cybertill has a workshop module that helps retailers manage the whole process of booking in repairs, allocating staff time, logging and billing additional parts used as well as notifying the customer when it is ready for collection. Cybertill will also track returns to manufacturers’, so it is easy to stay on top of all returns and their status with each manufacturer.

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