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RetailStore EPoS for Off Licenses

Cybertill has many off license retailers using Cybertill, and as such Cybertill has an insight into their specific requirements within an EPoS system, such as:

Promotions – Cybertill can manage an off licenses promotions. It has the ability to sell items in any pack size and of course create bundles. This ensures that products can be sold either as singles or as part of a pack when specialist promotions are running. Cybertill can also offer loyalty programmes as well, that along with promotions help retain a loyal client base.

Stock Management – Cybertill helps off licenses manage its stock more efficiently. Cybertill makes stock management an exact science rather than a gut feel. Instantly you can identify fast moving items and conversely slow moving items, as well as those that are generating the most profit, which in turn will help when choosing promotions and dressing the store. Cybertill’s stock management will help off licenses increase both their cash flow and bottom line.

Cybertill can be found in many off licenses around the UK, who benefit from partnering with an EPoS provider that understands their industry. The Cybertill EPoS system also provides a multitude of other benefits to off licenses.

  • The EPoS system works as a stand alone solution or it can be seamlessly integrated into e-commerce and mail order elements that all work in real time.
  • Live stock visibility (to other branches and warehouse for multiples)
  • Interrogate customers accounts from the till including deposits, layaways, notes, actions
  • Instant issue of loyalty cards and points redemption
  • Staff time and Attendance are integral to POS
  • Integrated EFTPoS accredited for Chip and PIN
  • Virtual back office with powerful reporting that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • And many more

Why is Cybertill’s EPoS different to other providers?

Cybertill is flexible and easy to use but one of the main differences is in how we deliver the EPoS system. Rather than having the point of sale system loaded locally on hardware in the store, the point of sale hardware accesses Cybertill via an internet connection. This EPoS model (known as Application Service Provider) brings with it many advantages:

  • Continuous access to the latest technology as Cybertill upload free EPoS software upgrades every two months
  • Removes the risks and costs of having extensive internal IT infrastructures for EPoS
  • Scalable solution that will grow with your business as it is easy deployed across 1 to 2,000 stores
  • 24/7 access to security backup and support services
  • Virtual Head Office allows data to be accessed anywhere, anytime and in real-time

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Cybertill’s RetailStore platform can increase profits, automate processes, and improve customer experience.

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