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EPoS and Ecommerce for Visitor Attractions

RetailStore gives Visitor Attraction and Heritage Site retailers an effective EPoS and ecommerce system to help you sell tickets, manage stock, claim gift aid, run promotions and launch loyalty programs. We have partnered with many visitor attractions in the UK, from well-known national sites including the Imperial War Museum and the Natural History Museum to more regional attractions such as Guildford Cathedral.

Effective Stock Control

Stock control is critical for visitor attraction management, as at times stock may well be seasonal or relate to exhibitions that only appear for a limited time. So ordering the right amount of stock is of vital importance. At Imperial War Museum, our software has helped reduce excess stock levels by 20% and to adopt a just-in-time purchasing strategy to help maximise profitability.

Gift Aid Management

Many visitor attractions don’t charge entry fees but ask for donations from visitors. And those that have a charity status can claim gift aid on the donations, which typically increases its value by 25%. RetailStore comes with a module to help manage gift aid, specifically for those visitor attractions and heritage sites that take gift-aid donations. What’s more RetailStore can also offer a donor card so regular visitors only have to complete the gift-aid declaration form once, then on other visitors their card is scanned at point of sale and the gift aid is automatically processed in the back office.

Effective Promotions

Our visitor attraction retail software helps you create customer specific promotions for example for group parties such as school parties, pensioners, families and so on. When combined with the powerful CRM system, in RetailStore, it helps visitor attractions take control of their marketing and create a loyal client base, which in turn increases visitor frequency and the bottom line.

Tickets at Point of Sale

RetailStore will allow visitor attractions to produce admission tickets at point of sale helping to reduce waiting times for visitors. It also integrates EPoS and ecommerce to create a seamless multi-channel system that operates in real time for effective visitor attraction management. The ecommerce, EPoS and the back office (and mail order if required) all link together. This helps manage stock levels for multiple locations, as they can be seen live at any given time. Loyalty programmes and gift cards also operate across all channels making it easier for visitor attractions to exploit further sales opportunities. Imperial War Museum has enjoyed considerable success by deploying Cybertill’s EPoS and ecommerce system across its retail operations, as head of retail, Jo Wilks, explains. “Cybertill has proven to be a flexible system that we have used for over 3 years across multiple branches within a geographically diverse and complex organisation. The immediate access to stock, sales and profit information has enabled my team to analyse retail performance in detail and has contributed to a marked improvement in our results.”

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