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If you already have a successful ecommerce website but finding it a struggle to streamline all your customer and product files and integrate them into all your sales and operational processes, RetailStore can give you the one platform you need with a SOAP link into your existing website.



Full professional management, multi-way system communication,
single customer view, product categories and pricing, omni-channel customer experience”


Stock Visibility

Real time stock level at every sales point, reduces stock holding, avoids “out of stock” orders, automated Back Office live data feeds


Intelligent Management

Suggestive purchasing ordering, price optimisation, multi-channel promotions, dispatch, delivery and return tracking, Click and Collect

“Linking a website to the back office was one of the main reasons we switched to RetailStore, we were suffering from online orders going missing, or not getting actioned upon straight away. With RetailStore we now get online orders as they happen.”

Lorraine and Darren, Owners, Subvert

Manage Your Ecommerce Website The Way You Want

RetailStore improves not only your customer satisfaction rates but it’s depth of functionality and usability has proved to be a critical commercial and operational platform for independent, national brand and charity retailers:

  • SOAP integration – RetailStore can integrate to an existing website using industry standard SOAP protocols to protect your existing investment whilst enabling your website can use the same product and customer databases as your shops.
  • Stock synchronisation – Your website and EPoS can “sync” stock levels periodically, or – if your web traffic is sufficiently light – possibly even update stock levels in real time.
  • Categories – Your website can either use the same categories (i.e. departments) as your shop tills, or have its own separate set of categories.
  • Web listing – Ability to choose in RetailStore which products appear on your website; products can be added / removed from the “web list” easily.
  • Delivery costs – Your site can either ask RetailStore to calculate the delivery charges for a web order (based on order weight/value and country of delivery), or instead, your site can calculate a delivery charge itself, then inform RetailStore what the charge was on order completion.
  • Despatch – RetailStore’s “Customer Despatches Screen” or your own website’s systems can manage and automate the picking and despatching of web orders.
  • Returns & refunds – Processing returns and refunds of web orders can be managed either directly through RetailStore or through your website’s systems (which can notify RetailStore of the return via SOAP).
  • Data exchange – A set of SOAP services to allow data to be exchanged between multiple websites if you have more than one.
Integrating Existing website with RetailStore

How will you redefine your EPoS needs?

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The RetailStore Ecommerce module and professional services unify everything from stock, EPoS, CRM, Virtual Head/Back Office through to suppliers, warehousing and merchandising.

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