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Collaborative Warehouse Management Solutions For Resource Efficiency

As an all-in-one cloud-based platform built to effectively handle today’s multi-channel retail operations, RetailStore’s Warehouse Module gives you what you need to manage and optimise your essential supply chain processes through to customer orders and returns, across single or multi-channel operations.

With complete visibility and control of orders and inventory throughout the distribution process, RetailStore supports your instore, online and mail order fulfilment, moving merchandise between locations and to customers faster and at a lower cost.

Using sophisticated, flexible and customisable features and software tools, RetailStore facilitates resource efficiency in people, equipment, space and finance to run your retail distribution operation:


Work Flow

Distribution; automated order selection; customer orders and replenishment; requests and returns processing



Order status; efficient picking and replenishment; sorting and stock control; activity management



Cross channel and location inventory management; requests and returns; quality control; virtual head office data management and accessibility

“With RetailStore we get live sales data across the entire estate. Head office can review the stores’ performance first thing every morning, knowing they have all the data and it is accurate and up to date.”

Frank Potts, IT Director, Musto

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