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Retail Insights

What do Gen Z want for Click and Collect?

In Cybertill’s consumer research focused on the ever-current, ever-curious Gen Z, we found that when it came to click and collect, even though a dedicated click and collect entrance and car park may appeal to older consumers, Gen Z are not really bothered by these...

Loyalty is Royalty: How to Capture the Gen Z Audience

In the fast-paced retail environment of today, customers have endless choice both offline and online, it can be hard for retailers to entice the always-on Generation Z when there is so much competition out there and they are exposed to so much chatter from retailers....

Multi channel retail: What’s in-store for Gen Z?

Cybertill research has uncovered UK-specific detail about consumer habits of nu-wave shoppers: Gen Z. First it was the Baby Boomers, then Generation X, followed by the much-talked-about Millennials, and now Generation Z. Born between 1994 and 2010, Gen Z are fast...

GDPR for charity or retail: I need more info!

60% of worldwide businesses are unprepared for the GDPR deadline of 25th May 2018, according to research. Here we look at the questions asked by retailers and charity retailers about how they can comply before the deadline.

Trends in Digital and In-store from the US to the UK

“Each time a consumer is exposed to a better digital experience, their expectations for all experiences are reset to a new higher level…”   Vicki Cantrell, formerly COO of Tory Burch and CIO of Giorgio Armani and now Retail Transformation Officer at Aptos , used her...

Drones… and the future of retail

How Aha.is Iceland’s largest marketplace – launched the world first operational drone delivery service Maron Kristofersson, CEO and Founder of Aha Marketplace Iceland, hosted a talk at the Cybertill sponsored Retail Technology Theatre this afternoon at RBTE 2018. The...

The Future of Retail Technology In-store

Here at RBTE 2018 Cate Trotter of Insider Trends took to the stage and shared some incredibly innovative examples of in-store tech. The future of tech in-store is actually less techy than you may think…

Streamline your Franchise and Concessions

Cloud technology is at the heart of streamlining multi-channel retail for franchised stores and concessions. Here are 7 benefits to using cloud technology for retailers looking to extend their omni-channel approach.

Increase Retention with Loyalty and Promotions

Is 2018 the year to review your retail system? If you’re thinking about investing in a new or updated EPoS retail system, consider offering a loyalty program function that integrates into the back-end system, giving you the opportunity to be innovative with your promotional strategy, and keeping your customers engaged and interested.

Can Mobile PoS Benefit Retailers?

Investing in Mobile PoS terminals provides retailers with the ability to offer a wide range of payment options in store, pop-ups and at events, whilst extending choice and delivering a tangible brand experience that is vital to the customer journey.

Are you ready for GDPR?

GDPR is fast approaching and retailers must ensure they are compliant by the 25th May 2018 deadline. Continuous improvement and innovation is something we strive to do here at Cybertill, which is why we are developing our product and making it easier for customers comply to the new legislation.

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