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Cybertill nominated for Retail Tech Award!

Pop the Prosecco! Cybertill are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for Tech Team of the Year at the Retail Week Tech. Awards for our collaboration with Barnardo’s!

With over 700 Barnardo’s shops to roll out in, the Cybertill team had to work hard to ensure that things ran smoothly with the introduction of our charity retail system CharityStore. As part of the roll out, 24-hour support was available online, as well as a dedicated Cybertill Account Manager, allowing Barnardo’s to make the most of our cloud solution.

Jennifer Murphy, Account Management Team Leader at Cybertill explains; “We’re very happy with how our charity EPoS roll-out has gone with Barnardo’s. In the first 3 months, we managed to deploy CharityStore in over 50 of their stores, which is a testament to the fantastic team here at Cybertill and at Barnardo’s, and I’m really looking forward to working with them on a regular basis as their dedicated Account Manager.”

The Tech. awards, which takes place on the 13th September in London, aims to “highlight the best in how technology is enhancing customer experience, how it is revolutionising the retail supply chain, the cleverest digital ideas, and the most successful teams who are helping to lead the change for a new retail world” and we could not be happier to be considered with our charity retail system!

It was fantastic working on the Barnardo’s charity EPoS roll out, and we felt rewarded knowing that we have provided the charity with a means to enhance their retail business processes and increase their Gift Aid! We look forward to working with them now, and in the future, as we support them and their amazing volunteers on their retail journey.

Roy Clark, Director of Retail and Trading, said that “Investing in charity EPoS is an essential move into the digital realm for our retail chain, giving us a vast amount of consumer insight and enabling the simplification of processes both on and off the shop floor”. “We managed to deploy Cybertill’s CharityStore retail management platform very quickly. Immediately after the initial roll out, we found that Gift Aid already increased by 12%. We’re very happy that we chose Cybertill.”

We are up against some brilliant brands/teams in the Tech Team of the Year category including:

  • Argos, In Store Digital Overhaul
  • Boohoo with Syte Technology, Visual Search Technology
  • Bünting with RELEX Solutions, Innovation Produces Results
  • EDITED, Customer Success as a Culture, Not a Department
  • Tesco, Tesco Technology Team
  • Vodafone, Vodafone Tech Team
  • (And of course) Barnardo’s with Cybertill, EPoS Roll out

Cybertill CEO Ian Tomlinson has congratulated the team involved in the charity retail system roll out; “Being shortlisted for the Retail Week Tech. awards is an incredible achievement. This award is a well-earned recognition that you all deserve”

“I’m very proud of you all. This is a great achievement.”

Respond to Google’s Changing Web Demands

Google is the dominant search engine. Globally almost 66% of desktop searches are done on Google. The second most used is Baidu (a Chinese Search Engine). On mobile the statistics are even more startling; 92% of searches are via Google. In the UK across all searches (desktop and mobile) Google commands 88% market share. When Google changes how its search engine shows results it affects all UK businesses, that is the power it wields, rightly or wrongly fairly or unfairly.

So its recent announcement that it will penalise non mobile-friendly websites should have business owners taking notice all round the land. If your ecommerce site is not mobile-friendly, expect to see its ranking, traffic and subsequent sales fall. This is not being alarmist but realistic. Google announced that as of 21st April 2015 it will penalise websites that don’t have a mobile-friendly version.

So what can businesses do about this? Well if they don’t already they need to have a mobile-friendly website and that means one of two options, have a standalone mobile website or a responsive website. A responsive website adapts and responds to whatever screen it is being viewed on, whereas a mobile site is a static mobile site built specifically for smartphones.

Cybertill designs and builds responsive sites, rather than mobile sites, and Google also recommends responsive sites. Later in May our blog will be going into the technical detail of why responsive is a better choice than mobile.

To find out more about responsive websites and what they entail we have created a responsive infographic, which can be downloaded here.

Whatever decision you make, you will need to decide quickly before you notice traffic to your site falling.

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