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EPoS and Ecommerce for Giftware and Card Retailers

Giftware and card retail has become more and more competitive, so having the right tools to help you manage your business is vitally important. Cybertill’s EPoS and ecommerce system is used by giftware retailers all over the UK, to help them overcome many of today’s challenges: getting the right product mix and suppliers, controlling and managing stock, identifying trends and forecasting and linking your online presence to your stores.

Getting the Right product mix and suppliers

M&P Cards, is an independent gift and card retailer in the South of England, that use Cybertill to manage their six shops. By using our EPoS system they have been able to ensure they stock the right products from their best suppliers, as Managing Director, Terry Harvey, explains. “So what we do every three months is monitor the sales of each supplier, and that is a real important process for us. Rather than look at specific lines that the supplier will put in the branch, we look at their overall performance based on pockets they hold in the store.”

Reduced Stockholding

Overstocking can always be an issue for retailers. Not only does it tie up cashflow it also means retailers often have to start their sales earlier. By using our EPoS solution M&P Cards have been able to reduce their stock holding across their business by 10%.  London based giftware retailer, Graham and Green, has also been able to reduce their stockholding by using Cybertill, as Darek Szuminski explains. “In Cybertill you can pick stock from other locations or arrange for clients to collect from the warehouse. Having this visibility on what is in stock in all stores and the central warehouse has increased customer service levels and sales as a result. Also we have been able to reduce our warehousing costs as the stock holding is so much more efficient.”

Forecasting Tools

Cybertill is great for allowing retailers to re-order the right levels of stock, but it can also help giftware retailers’ forward order with much more accuracy, as Darek, from Graham and Green explains. “The forecasting tools in Cybertill are a huge assistance to the business, especially at peak periods. They allow us to forecast stock requirements so as a business we carry the right levels of the right products at the right time.”

Integrated Multi-Channel Solution

Cybertill is more than just an EPoS or ecommerce system it helps giftware retailers manage their stores, website and other channels as a single entity so retailers can make more informed decisions about their business. According to Darek it has helped Graham and Green identify which channel is actually performing the best so you can actually invest money into the right areas of the business.”

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