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EPoS and Ecommerce for Sports and Outdoor Retailers

Cybertill has designed an EPoS solution specifically for Sports and Outdoor retailers, taking into account their specific requirements, including managing matrices products, offering detailed technical descriptions at point of sale, a workshop facility to manage repair work and integrated EPoS and ecommerce solutions.

Reduced Stock Levels

Every retailer wants to be as lean as possible with the stock they carry. Cybertill helps sports and outdoor retailers turn this from an art into a science, by providing the exact information retailers need to make more informed decisions. Carrying too much stock can impact a retail business in so many ways, including: reducing cash flow as money is tied up in excess stock, having to start sales earlier to move the excess stock, and eroding margins as sales start earlier to shift stock. Ultimate Outdoors has two stores and since using Cybertill they have reduced their stock levels by near enough 40% whilst maintaining sales levels.

Live Stock

Cybertill gives outdoor retailers live stock information across their business, in their stores and online. This real time data is key for Ultimate Outdoors, according category manager John Smale. “The instant updates of data, sales, stockholding, prices, products, customer information, movement of stock between branches is critical. I was working in the store then, and I remember when it came in, it was quite revolutionary and radical to what we had before. Head office explaining if you sell something in another store it will have gone from the system.”

EPoS and ecommerce with Remote Management

As Cybertill is cloud based this means retailers can access their EPoS and ecommerce system from the great outdoors, so they can stay in touch and manage their business even when they are not there. Lorraine Smith runs Subvert, a snowboard and skate retailer, with her partner Darren. “Even on holiday or on the ski slopes we can check what time colleagues come in and more importantly what sales are going through the system in real time,” explains Lorraine. “If we feel there’s not enough sales coming through we run a promotion which we message to staff or set up in the back office ourselves.”

Mobile PoS

Many sports and outdoor retailers have pop up shops at events, whether it’s a festival or a sports event, such as a 10K run. What tends to happen on such occasions is that managing stock, collecting customer details, issuing receipts and normal retail process seems to fall by the wayside. So when retailers return to store they aren’t necessarily sure of the event’s success and they don’t have any data to analyse to see if it is worth attending again in future. As our EPoS system is cloud based, this means retailers can take it with them and use it as a mobile PoS solution, as Ultimate Outdoors do. “Cybertill is great for events,” explains John. “Stock is managed much more efficiently, it looks more professional and there is peace of mind for both us and the customer over the security of the payment.”

EPoS with Workshop Facility

For many sports and outdoor retailers offering a repair service for products and goods is seen as an essential element of retail. It can help increase loyalty and it is an additional revenue stream. However managing the repairs that come in can be administrative headache. Cybertill has a workshop module that helps retailers manage the whole process of booking in repairs, allocating staff time, logging and billing all additional parts used as well as notifying the customer when it is ready for collection.

Cybertill will also track returns to manufacturers’, so it is easy to stay on top of all returns and their status with each manufacturer.

The Perfect Fit for Sports and Outdoor Retailers

Cybertill can be found in many sports and outdoor retailers around the UK, who benefit from partnering with an EPoS and ecommerce provider that understands their industry. What’s more Cybertill is recommended by the STAG Buying Group link, the UK’s largest sports buying group, to their members.

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