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EPoS Redefined

If you are looking for an EPoS System that can work across all your sales channels including multiple locations, centrally consolidate all your sales, stock and customer information as well helping you to manage your staff more effectively, RetailStore’s cloud EPoS is the answer.

Giving you sophisticated functionality, ease of use and integration, you gain maximum efficiency and profitability through a one platform cloud solution.

Designed for retailers looking to improve the customer experience and increase sales either instore, online or both, RetailStore’s easy to use and highly intuitive interface can be used on tills or iPads as well as integrating into any ecommerce sites you have.

Speed, Flexibility & Accuracy You Can Trust

RetailStore’s cloud EPoS gives you the flexibility, accessibility and control you need to make management easier:



Dashboard; receipts; reporting; bar coding; loyalty programs and promotion prompts; internal messaging


Total Control

Live sales data across multiple locations; fulfil and reserve customer orders when out of stock and on purchase order; product locator; anywhere monitoring and reporting; central price updating; purchase ordering and stock replenishment


Access & Permissions

Multiple operator profiles and controls; overrides; log in and off tracking; staff ID code scanning and biometric log in


The Intelligent Way Forward

RetailStore’s EPoS is no ordinary PoS, it’s a smarter way of managing the whole transaction cycle and proven to deliver outstanding levels of return on investment.

Not only will your customers always receive one experience across all your retail locations and channels with real time stock updates, but you will benefit from all your transaction and customer data being immediately and securely centralised for you to access whenever and wherever you need to.

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Prioritising Customer Experience

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – all from one central cloud hub to support and grow all your retail shops and channels.
  • Customer profiles – full customer histories across all points, preferred pricing and loyalty initiatives.
  • Loyalty Programs – for use across all your shopping channels.
  • Mobile PoS – queue busting, extended show rooming for product range, enhanced personal shopping and temporary store set ups.
  • Returns – any store or website central return system for easy management and customer satisfaction.
  • Gift Cards – for universal use across all your sales outlets.

Streamlining & Improving Processes

  • Back Office/Head Office – real time streaming of all your business and sales information for instant reporting accessible from any location. No more pooling, repetitive admin and consolidating of separate data.
  • Stock Control – intelligent forecasting, stock holding shrinking, reduced product wastage and reduced discounting.
  • Business Intelligence – Fast, up to the minute SSRS reports and extraction with the option for customised crystal reports, site performance plus operator productivity.
  • Promotional Management – ad hoc and strategic discounting, tracking.
  • Chip & PIN integration – 100% PCI compliant Chip and PIN integration with full payment gateways.

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Cybertill’s RetailStore platform can increase profits, automate processes, and improve customer experience.

Store and EPoS

If you are looking for an EPoS system that can work across all your sales channels, centrally consolidate all your sales, stock and customer information as well helping you to manage your staff more effectively, RetailStore is the answer.

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