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Getting Ranked on Google is not a ‘dark art’

Ask any retailer if they would like their website to be on page one of Google and…well you know the answer. The power of Google and the influence it has on websites is vast so appearing on its first page, and the higher the better, can have a huge bearing on volume of traffic and therefore sales. But you ask any ‘expert’ on how you get on page one of Google and they may try and bamboozle you with dark arts and may make out what is a pretty simplistic methodology is actually very complicated. Well, quite simply it ain’t complicated. For example type in “Footwear epos systems” in Google. You will see Cybertill is the first natural link that appears. To get there was very simple. We added the relevant ‘keywords’, ‘page titles’, ‘image tags’, ‘description’, ‘headers’ to our footwear epos page, and that’s it. And this is what good ecommerce systems should allow retailers to do, naturally optimise every page on their website, simply and effectively.

So on each page different ‘keywords’ (a word or phrase used by a search engine in its search for relevant web pages) can be added. These will relate to the products and brands being sold on each page. Retailers should be able to edit and amend other elements too (page titles – is how you title the page on your website, image tags – by tagging images with relevant keywords, headers – the headers of the actual web content using relevant keywords).

Many see “Search Engine Optimisation” (basically this means improving how a website ranks in Google and other search engines) as a dark art, but it really is not. With a little training and a decent ecommerce system retailers can take control of their website and begin to manage this process themselves. At Cybertill we have begun to offer a consultancy service on Search Engine Optimisation to customers, but the end goal of this is for the retailer to have the confidence for take over and do it themselves…and get themselves to appear on page one of Google.

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