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EPoS and Ecommerce for Footwear Retailers

Cybertill’s EPoS and ecommerce system is used by many footwear retailers across the UK. Our customer base varies and ranges from international brands, such as New Balance, to large national independent retailers, including Daniel Footwear, and local independent footwear businesses, such as Cockerill Shoes. Cybertill helps with every aspect of footwear retail, from buying, to live stock management, to recording customer details and managing loyalty programme to being able to manage shops and websites seamlessly.

Better Buying

Cybertill helps with every aspect of footwear retail. In the first instance helps footwear retailers make more informed decisions, for example buying becomes more scientific rather than being done on gut feel, as Maria Atkinson of Hopscotch Shoes, a five store children’s footwear retailer in Yorkshire, explains. “Cybertill gives me a full picture of the previous season. A lot of the styles from suppliers might be repeated each year and the colours might just change, so I can use Cybertill to find out exactly what sold in each shop. Then when I do my orders for the next season I can ensure I order the right styles, in the right quantities for the right stores. Cybertill helps me get this accuracy every season.”

Smarter Stock

For footwear retailers having live stock visibility across their shops and websites helps ensure they can get the right products to the right locations. Daniel Footwear use Cybertill to help them pick and pack the shoes each of their 30 stores will need the following day as they can analyse stock and sales in real time throughout the day. “We realised that real time stock levels would allow us to run the business more efficiently,” confirms Daniel Buck, the founder and managing director of Daniel Footwear.

Cybertill has also helped Hopscotch Shoes reduce their stock levels across the business which has delivered multiple benefits to the business and the staff, as Maria explains. “Cybertill has allowed me to reduce my stock levels.” This has helped cash flow and the staff are happier, “because in their stock room they have got what they need, rather than being overstocked and not being able to move in the stock room with superfluous stock.”

Product Matrix Management

All footwear retailers will carry ‘matrix products’, these are lines that come in different styles, such as size and colour. In Cybertill retailers can create as many styles they like. So rather than just the traditional size and colour retailers can add other styles, such as material type. So a single ladies shoe that comes in five sizes, three colours, and two materials means that is 30 separate products. Cybertill makes managing matrix products simple and straightforward.  You can manage matrix products as a single collective product or as individual products, as Maria from Hopscotch explains. “Cybertill helps keep our fingers on the pulse of the business. If I’m selling something that after a few weeks has not sold, I may think ‘actually it’s priced a bit too high’ I will bring the price down. In Cybertill you can just do a percentage decrease across a full line, which is fantastic it saves you going into each individual size and colour doing it. It just makes life very easy.”

EPoS means Polished Management

Cybertill’s EPoS system has also helped Cockerill Shoes analyse their whole business more effectively and cut out unnecessary costs, as manager Melanie Hardingham explains. “Cybertill has reduced our staffing costs. You can see when your busy periods are by looking at the trading analysis. You can make sure you have the staffing right for the trading pattern. We actually decided to open the Haslemere store at 9.30 rather than 9.00. In four months we could see no sales were made in the first half hour and at that time we would have four staff on. It was an easy decision based on fact. For years we thought it was not worth opening but with Cybertill this made it a really easy decision. With Cybertill we can see we get an uplift in business at lunch times and in the afternoon after school. So we needed people in the afternoons rather than the first thing in the morning.”

Feet in the Cloud

Cybertill’s EPoS and ecommerce system is cloud based so footwear retailers can access the system from any location, but it also means they don’t have to ‘manage’ their software as Daniel Buck comments. “We still don’t, have an IT department. As Cybertill is cloud based we don’t need any servers, we don’t run data back-ups nor do we need to manage upgrades. We don’t touch the software we just use it to manage our business and keep our overheads low.”

Making Mail Order Tick

Cybertill helps footwear retailers manage every sales channel. With a dedicated mail order module Cybertill has helped New Balance increase their mail order sales. In their factory outlet stores, located in the Lakes, sales staff collect customer details at point of sale and add them into their central mail order database via our EPoS system. Not only is Cybertill vastly increasing New Balance’s customer database, but they then manage mail order sales through the sales order processing module, and according to Debbie Harrison, of New Balance. “This regular communication and ongoing collection of data at point of sale ensures that mail order sales are much more profitable since using Cybertill.”

Multi-Channel Management

Cybertill gives footwear retailers live stock levels across their business so they only sell what is available. Our cloud based multi-channel retail system helps retailers manage all sales channels seamlessly. This helps footwear retailers offer customers a variety of ways to buy and return goods, such as click and collect. For Daniel Footwear it is the live visibility across all sales channels that ensures customers can get what they want that is important to their business, as Daniel comments. “Cybertill links in real time to our ecommerce store, again which is invaluable. It means customers online can only see stock that we have available so they are not getting frustrated and ordering lines that are out of stock.”

Best Foot Forward

When deciding on which multi-channel system best meets your needs it is important that you don’t just think about the here and now but also about the future as well. What are your plans for the business in three years’ time? Will the system you choose today still be the system of choice in three years? It is important you ensure the system can grow with your business, as Daniel explains. “The Cybertill system has helped the business grow and the simplicity of rolling the system out across stores makes it ideal for expanding retailers.”

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